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Never seen before photo effects and filters

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Picazzy offers a wide range of artistic photo effects and filters to convert your selfies and other photos into works of art. These effects are totally unique and available only with Picazzy.

Artistic Effects

Host of advanced creativity at your fingertips. Complex works of digital artwork can now be applied to your photos in real time. Jazz up your profile pics with stunning pictures!


Picazzy also offers basic filters which are very subtle and soothing. Use these to add that extra mood of romance, vintage memoirs, or morning dew. Lots of filters to have fun!

Edit Tools

Bridge the difference between what you saw and what camera captured with our editing tools - correct the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation etc. like a pro.


Concerts, Marathons and other events are featured in Picazzy, use their badges on your photos to tell your friends you are there!

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